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[no man sky]‘No Man’s Sky’ mod puts lead developer’s face in the game
Release date:2021-07-09 13:33

  A new No Man’s Sky mod lets you replace every character’s head with lead developer Sean Murray’s face.

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  The ‘Everyone is Sean‘ mod is currently available to download on NexusMods and its only use is to make every player have a 3D rendering of No Man’s Sky lead developer Sean Murray’s face.

  Sean Murray quickly found out about the mod and took to Twitter, jokingly asking people to not download it and saying: “DO NOT INSTALL THIS MODDELETE THIS IMMEDIATELY.”


  — Sean Murray (@NoMansSky) June 23, 2021


  No Man’s Sky is a survival game that released for PS4 and PC in 2016, then on Xbox One in 2018. The game then became available for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles in 2020 and has since received multiple new updates.

  In April, the space exploration game received a new update which added an Expeditions mode. Expeditions is a seasonal and community focused mode that arrives alongside the already existing Normal, Creative, Survival and Permadeath modes.

  Each event starts with players on the same planet, bringing the community together to embark on a shared experience. Players will also arrive with an assortment of custom technology, customisations, ships and weapons at their disposal.

  Last year, Sean Murray revealed that Hello Games is working on a new “huge, ambitious game”. The founder and developer shared that it’s in “very early” stages of development, which means we probably won’t be hearing any more details for a while.


  In other news, Xbox’s boss – Phil Spencer – has said that Halo Infinite doesn’t have a solid release date.