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[Muck]Muck: 8 Beginner Tips To Survive | TheGamer
Release date:2021-07-30 19:04

  Before playing the free-to-play Muck, you should learn these beginner tips in order to survive the surprisingly challenging game.

  By Harry Alston

  Published Jun 10, 2021



  The new survival roguelike game Muck may have been born from a challenge in a YouTube comment, but it has taken the internet by storm. Free to play, challenging, and combining some of the best features of survival games and roguelikes, this janky game is actually a lot of fun.

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  Surviving the first three days is not an easy task, surprisingly. You basically need to jump into speedrun mode to try and?get the best gear and buffs you can to repel?the ever-growing waves of monsters, and eventually, the monstrous Big Chunk. Here are a few tips to get you started.?MUCK.


  trees rocks and grass in muck

  Imagine you’re on a Minecraft speed run. Knock down a few trees as fast as you can, make a Pickaxe, start grabbing some rock and Iron. The formula is pretty much the same for Muck.

  Monsters start spawning at 12 am. You can see the time on the bottom left of your screen. That gives you about 5 in-game minutes before the start of the first night. That’s not very long to at least get yourself a Stone or Iron Pickaxe. Don’t worry about any other tools, they’re more than enough to get you through your first night.

  monster next to work bench and furnace

  You’ll need to defend your outpost on the first night. By the time the night starts you should have at least crafted a Work Bench and a Furnace. Start smelting Iron overnight and keep away the creepy weird dinosaur monsters otherwise they’ll destroy your stuff.

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  You can just run in the opposite direction to keep monsters from attacking your stuff. They tend to chase you around, but once they’ve seen that tasty workbench, you’ll have to literally pry them off of it. Besides, if you fight them next to your Furnace you can carry on smelting while you fight.


  mushrooms in inventory

  There are three different types of mushrooms in Muck: Ligon, Sugon, and Gulpon. Each does different things for the three separate bars in the corner of your screen. Ligon Shrooms, the yellow ones, boost your health bar. Sugon, the pink, boosts your stamina. Gulpon, the red, boosts your health bar.

  Because these shrooms are plentiful (they spawn all over the place) you don’t need to worry that much about the Cauldron, cooking the cows, or making bread with wheat. Those mushrooms do the job, especially if you’re racing right towards the Big Chunk.

  chest in muck

  Killing monsters grants you gold coins. These coins are used to open up chests that contain buffs and perks. Different chests are worth different values but don’t worry about that too much at the start. Just use all your coins to open up 25 Gold chests. You need those perks and buffs right away.

  There are loads of different perks you can unlock. Some useful ones at the beginning include any kind of movement perk, like the Jetpack or double jump. This makes it easier to fight monsters and eventually evade the massive rocks of the Golems and Big Chunk. Free chests can be found dotted around the map as well. These are dark grey, almost black, in color.


  mithril ore

  Don’t worry too much about collecting loads of Iron. Once you’ve got the Steel Pickaxe you can start mining Mithril immediately. This is a complete upgrade on regular Steel gear and will let you start cutting down Oak trees with a Mithril Axe. Why is this important?

  The different trees in Muck?— Oak, Fir, Birch, etc.?— are used to craft different tiers of items. You need birch to make a Mithril ax, for example. Oak is then used to craft an Adamantite set of gear, the next tier up from Mithril.

  gold ore muck

  Killing monsters isn’t the only way to get rich in Muck. You can find Gold Ore dotted around the place, mine it up, and then smelt it in a Furnace.? You can turn?the Gold Bars into Gold Coins.

  This means you can get an early start on those perks and buffs. You won’t have to wait until monsters spawn during the night, or activate any of the battle pillars (which might just kill you if you’re unprepared.)


  muck golem

  After the first couple of days in Muck, you can start to save your coins for some of the larger chests. This can cost up to 250 gold and the quality of the perks they offer scales with how much they cost.

  With some of the top buffs in the game, you basically become an unkillable overlord. The game sort of hits a natural difficulty barrier where you end up far exceeding the strength of all the monsters around you. Even the formidable Big Chunk can’t really contend with you by the end.

  big chunk muck

  Big Chunk is the final boss in Muck. This massive stone golem takes no prisoners. His AOE ground-pound rock-launching attack will completely melt your health. The best way to kill the boss is to get up close and personal and start slamming on it with your Adamantite sword.

  When you’re directly underneath the boss it can’t really do much damage to you (the AI pathing isn’t amazing) but you do need to watch out for all the little wizard goblin enemies that spawn. They can hurt you, and will.

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