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[WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010]WWE news: What are the best wrestling video games?
Release date:2021-08-18 00:46

  Ah, WWE.

  For many, it provides that deep sense of nostalgia looking back to their childhood, while for others it’s still a key part in their every day life.

  However, the iconic WWE games certainly helped cure hours upon hours of boredom for A LOT of people.

  One question which is, seemingly, yet to be answered is, how do these games rank across the multiple editions?

  Well, from ‘Totally Forgettable’ to absolute ‘Pure Fire’, here at GiveMeSport, we took the liberty of providing a tier list to answer your burning questions.

  Let the deliberations begin.

  (Remember, this is personal preference and opinions; it’s okay to disagree)

  Totally Forgettable


  As mentioned previously, the old-style games revisits an element of your youth that reignites happy memories from a much simpler time. WWE 2K18 and 2K19 arguably struggle to resonate with the gamer like the older editions effortlessly do, which can make the experience rather forgettable.

  However, in the defence of the unfortunate forgettables, this may be a result in the decrease in popularity of the WWE franchise as a whole within the UK. Let’s face it, the children of today would rather be playing Warzone or Fortnite with their mates than wacking Braun Strowman with a chair.


  A noticeable theme is starting to emerge in this list, with the fairly newer games appearing towards the foot of the list. You would think that with the development of gaming graphics, the newer editions would create a more excitable gaming experience in the likes of WWE 13 and WWE 2K17.


  Nevertheless, the block characters from the earlier models certainly bring back the fondest memories and much to the credit of SmackDown vs Raw 2009, this probably highlighted the unfortunate end to wrestling’s golden age.


  WWE 2K14 is holding the torch for the newer models as it sits comfortably in the average pile – I bet 2K are over the moon with that delightful summary. IGN writer Vince Ingenito reflected on the game by stating that the gamer themself can experience the perfect concoction of past and present.

  ”They love reliving old memories, but they’re hungry to create new ones, too. WWE 2K14 gives that wrestling fan in all of us the tools required to do both.”


  Now, we can discuss the most recent golden period of wrestling. The mid-2000’s. Oh yes, the likes of John Cena, The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio – you name it. Although the likes of SmackDown vs Raw 2007, 2008 and 2011 have made it into the average category, they certainly laid the foundations for the games that are yet to come.


  Now we’re cooking. This category certainly resembles the half-way point between the games that had the best graphic developments alongside the iconic wrestlers at the time. The Smackdown vs Raw 2010 edition is widely regarded as a very good gaming product, with various four and five stars reviews across respected websites.

  ”As someone who has been buying these titles since they debuted on the PSone, I’m thrilled to sit here today and tell you that WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 isn’t good – it’s great,” Greg Miller wrote in his IGN review.


  WWE 2K16 also makes it into the awesome category, as the game provided revolutionary updates to the WWE sphere that changed the course of the game. IGN reviewer Vince Ingenito also commented how the game stepped further into the simulation territory and how this was a roaring success.


  Once you gaze your eyes towards a fresh-faced version of The Rock with those sunglasses, you knew that the unbelievable tag was well and truly deserved. Although the graphics are frankly laughable now, WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It was well recieved back in the early 2000’s.

  ”WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It marks the series’ transition from the PlayStation to the PlayStation 2, bringing with it the signature arcade-style gameplay and flashy, television styled presentation that sets it apart from the competition,” a GameSpot reviewer said about the game.

  WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth also recieved similar glowing reviews from GameSpot. This edition appears to be an evolution of the Just Bring It game, whilst also adding some incredible new features.


  ”To make the overall package even more enticing for wrestling fans, the game’s developer, Yuke’s, has added an incredibly robust create-a-wrestler mode that allows you to customize nearly every physical aspect of a created wrestler, on down to his or her animation.”

  Pure Fire

  It was a tough choice for which games would make this category, but ultimately, Smackdown! and Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain made the cut. Smackdown! absolutely hit the nail on the head when they produced this masterpiece, by creating an eye-catching product that accurately reflected the events of wrestling at the time.

  GameSpot reviewer Jeff Germstann spoke about his appreciation for the game and explained how the game paid an abundance of attention to the finite details that wrestling fans care about.

  ”A lot of the games out there simply take the wrong approach, treating wrestling as an actual sport with strictly defined rules and regulations. Most games overlook the soap-opera-like plot that, along with generous helpings of sex and violence, make wrestling shows some of the highest-rated programs on television today.”


  On the other hand, Brock Lesnar donning the front cover of Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain only projected positive energy to wrestling fans at the time that this would be a magnificent game. Here Comes The Pain provided that element of back-to-back playability which was simply missing from previous editions.

  So there we have it, there is our tier list of WWE video games. We apologise in advance if we’ve insulted you or upset you with our opinion, but we’re all allowed one, right?

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