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[Jaden Smith Cobra Kai]Good taste does not rely on inheritance,Powder Jaden Smith
Release date:2021-06-25 15:39

  The entertainment circle is not lacking the second generation,But now today Jaden Smith,Absolutely our blessing.


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  Before you haven’t heard the song of “Summertime In Paris”,You have not officially started this summer.This song released in this month Jaden Smith’s new big disc “Erys”,It has beCOMe a new topic with a high discussion on Weibo.In Netease,It already has 999+ COMments,BeCOMe each young man specifies summer tracks this year.


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  of course,Why did this album caute such a big response in China?I have to admit that some is becauseThere is a famous name in this “Summertime In Paris” producer – Wu Yifan.Kris Wu is intended with Jaden Smith in the event.So in this new album of this superstar,Jaden Smith also found Wu Yifan to cooperate,Participated in the commentary composer of this song,And sang with Jaden’s sister Willow Smith.


  Obviously,This song is very successful,It’s so nice to listen.Wu Yifan chooses the object of cooperation,Especially when foreign stars,Never lost levels,There is also a certain aesthetic trend.But in the final analysis,Before officially breaking into the HIP-HOP circle,Volkswagen thought thatJaden Smith is just a test of the edge of music as many of the two-generations of the two.It is not for this.But a few albums,We realize thatHe is serious.


  What is icon?Jaden Smith has explained in his synonymous song: found MSFTSREP brand, five minutes on the nylon magazine cover, will be taken soon.JADEN Smith, who has just spent 21 year old birth, is going to try it on the road to explore what you want,This is his “privilege” he as a baby son for Will Smith.But at the same time,It is also the fanatics of his inner creator identity.Jaden Smith has done so much,Today, on the road of icon,It is absolutely his music talent.


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  When Jaden has not entered the music circle,We will close him and “When you are happy,”, “Black Man 2”, “Kung Fu Dream” is closely linked together.I thought he would stop in the performance of the performance.But I didn’t expect it,In fact, I was 16 years old.Jaden Smith reflects the interests and talents of music.


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  What is the first to attract me is a “Cool Tape Vol. 2 “album,A total of 8 songs,In 2014, he was in high school.Play TRAP, R & B,Combined with Soul and POP,Inside the female voice feat is especially amazing,Easy and comfortable,Overall, it is like a circle in the Pacific Coastal High Speed.It seems that the MVP single “PCH” in the album is really not wrong.


  Every album of Jaden will have a “explosive song”,Just like “COOL TAPE VOL. “PCH” in 2 “,Coastal road,Girl sitting in the coach,On the left is the right side of the sea is a mountain,This is a magnificent, the end of the world feels that he can experience it at the age of 16.

  The special album “Syre” released in 2017,It officially predicts the Jaden Smith’s big box in the music circle.This album is a bomb that is put on. It is the best proof to Jaden to the world,He is not only to make a good album,This time,He wants to show his gesture.


  Syre is actually the named Middle Name, this star II.It is also the second identity of Jaden to shape in the album.Remove the glossy smith,In fact, he has more worthy of you to dig.


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  A total of 17 songs,Sincerity,A lot of hot songs like “icon”, “lost boy”, “ninety”, this long time,At the mainstream and pioneer,A lot of jaden is ambitious for the music market.The first four songs of songs are combined with words “blue”,It also forms the entire album INTRO,As the first album of the newcomer,Playing tunability,Jaden is still quite in line.

  After the last album “SYRE” is released more than a year,Jaden has matured a lot,Published this “erys”,This album has a lot of echoes,For example, the letter composition of the name is the opposite,”Syre” Intro song combination is “blue”,And “ERYS” is “PINK”.

  Not to mention the entire album starlight,Tyler The Creator is in “Noize”,Trinidad James and Jaden have cooperated a “mission”,And AP Rocky appears in “chateau”.”On My Own” brought by Kid Cudi and Jaden is also amazing.His talented growth is proportional to his life experience.This pink boy has a new star that is most worthy of interest in the European and American music circle.


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  As mentioned earlier,Jaden Smith is getting farther and farther on exploring self.It is getting wider and wider.This also said thatIn addition to singing, he declared himself from our way.He still has many other interests.such as,wear clothes.


  I finally mentioned our most concerned topic.fashion.As a trend media,Whether a star can be called Icon has a factor we care about – that is what he has a style.


  Needless,Jaden Smith’s dress is definitely moving to the icon,It is not necessary to jump into our sight from him.Just as the title of “The Springs of this skirt”, “Will Smith’s Digital Son” is related to the relationship.


  In 2016,This boy called Jaden Smith appeared in the women’s clothing in Louis Vuitton,She is wearing a women’s series with other female models.Deductive is appropriate,We met this boy through Smith’s surname.But through this championship,We seem to have learned Jaden.


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  The appearance is booming,Wearing clothes has their own taste.of course,I am here to taste is not a big bunch of big cards.How can I get out of the second generation of a number of stars that are not lack of explosion?In fact, it took a long time.Jaden Smith has already found its own clothes.In 2003,MINI JADEN dressed in front of a brown denim set in front of the public,At that time, he,There is already the momentum of “trend icon”.


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  later,We can see in Jaden’s growth trajectory,”Love Dress Up” has always been the deepest impression of this child.He will use some simple items,Present it with ordinary people who are difficult to control.


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  Attended by the brand, attend events,He will always wear the most eye-catching one.The temperament of male and homes is perfect in his clothes.


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  After the dad, I personally cut it off.Jaden seems to be more tidal.Leave him inch,The overall style is also close to the fashion combination of this time, the biggest theme is close to the moment.But Jaden’s clothes is what you can’t guess.First, it is more eye-catching on color.Absolutely not boring.


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  In fact, in my opinion,What kind of talents will call clothes,I think it is those who don’t care about the body.Some people wear clothes are to make themselves look closer to the public’s aesthetic style.And some people are really just for fun,Jaden is undoubtedly the latter.


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  Jaden said herself: if he is not a star,Then he will never be an ordinary person.If there is no birth in the Smith family,Then he will also play skateboards with friends on the street.


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  Jaden Smith loves the skateboard,Of course,Every young man loves the skateboard,But he wants to do it,It is far more than skateboard itself.Jaden Smith is 14 years old,Just create a street brand MSFTSREP with friends.And it is still operational.Perhaps not like other Rapper, the people of celebrities give people a deep impression,But I look down,I feel that JADEN has its own ideas in the brand’s packaging and operation.


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  At first, the brand is born with dark pioneers.Go to the simple and comfortable street skateboard style,The individual surroundings of the new album are also sold above.Don’t say anything else,That is said, this website is fresh and simple style.What is worth having a lot of flowers in the whistle?


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  As a star second generation,He has more than a brand and excellent resource,As a RAPPER,He also has a big gold tooth and a thick chain.In addition to gorgeous through everyone,He also wants to leave us something,Do charity, music, make a brand, film movies,The 21-year-old child is constantly created.With natural aesthetics and talents,Jaden is the super new star of this era.It is a lookable icon.

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