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[Josh Heald]Indian Short Video Application Josh won the Google and Microsoft over $ 100 million investment
Release date:2021-06-26 15:04


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  According to Reuters News,Parent company from India’s short video App Josh, VERSE Innovation,More than $ 100 million (near RMB 6) has been raised from investors including Google and Microsoft.5.5 billion yuan) capital investment.

  Google said on Tuesday,In addition to Versennovation,They also invested in the INMOBI Group’s Glance.Google announced the value of $ 10 billion “Google India Digitisation Fund).This investment also belongs to this project.

  Self-printing in June, dozens of Chinese applications have been banned in India,Many Indian local apps begin to develop short video services.The vacancy of this track also attracts investors around the world to come to this.Verseinnovation,This headquarters is in Bangalore, said: after this investment,Its market value will exceed 1 billion US dollars.


  Although Josh is not the first Indian app that has received investment from the technology giants.But it is one of the short video applications originally attracted to Microsoft and Google.Currently,Josh is the fastest growing and participating in India, the highest-end video app,Has 77 million Mau, 36 million DAU,And a video playback of more than 1.5 billion days.

  Verse said thatThe company will use this fund to expand JOSH existing scale.In addition to Google and Microsoft,FalconEdge Capital, Sofina Group and Lupasystems have investive in Verse.

  In addition to Verse,Google also invested in mobile advertising technology company inMobi,The latter operates lock screen content Application of Glance and Short Video Application Roposo.

  Roposo is a short video service company headquartered in Bangalore, India.After the 59th China application ban on the end of June,The company’s new users reached 500,000,It is expected that the number of users in this month will reach 100 million.It is almost twice that of 55 million users before.This makes Roposo a large number of enormous enterprises that have benefited from China’s application difficulties.