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[Little Witch Academia]10 Best Anime To Watch With Kids | Game Rant
Release date:2021-06-29 09:12

  Anime fans looking for shows to watch with younger audiences that are still fun for adults will love these shows.

  By Linnea Capps

  Published May 31, 2021


  10 Best Anime To Watch With Kids

  Anime has gained massive popularity over the years. With amazing shows like Naruto, One Piece, and Dragon Ball out there, it’s hard to not see why. Still, not all of these staples of animation are the best choices to put on the television with kids in the room.

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  A lot of parents or older siblings may be looking for shows they can watch with the younger people in the house. It can be easy to point to?shows like Pokemon or Digimon, but fans likely want something a little more interesting and unique to share with younger audiences to get them interested in anime.


  Several witches flying on brooms

  Little Witch Academia originally began as a movie but gained so much popularity it was adapted into an episodic series. The show follows Atsuko and her adventures in learning witchcraft at the Luna Nova Magical Academy. It features a colorful cast of characters that make the show incredibly endearing to all the watch it.

  It’s also?easy to watch for anyone with a Netflix account making it an easy show for?potential viewers to?see if it follows the three episode rule.

  Several cats inside of banana peels

  Not all children have a long attention span, so something cute, quirky, and funny might be the perfect fit for them. Enter Bananya: a series with three-minute episodes featuring the adventures?of incredibly adorable feline-fruit hybrids! The series isn’t just an obscure one either?— even famous clothing brand Gucci has made some fan gear for the show.


  A picture with several high school students at a farm

  It’s hard to look at Silver Spoon and realize it was created by the very same?woman who brought Full Metal Alchemist to life but it’s absolutely true. This show can be a great way to introduce young anime fans to?Hiromu Arakawa with a story that isn’t as intense or violent.

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  Silver Spoon follows Yuugo Hachiken’s adventures at?Ooezo Agricultural High School which he enrolled at to escape the stress of his everyday life. It can be a great opportunity to learn some of the realities of farm life for younger viewers while enjoying a lighter story.

  Chi's New Address

  With over 100 episodes, Chi’s New Address is the perfect choice for anyone that wants a longer series to sink their teeth into. It’s impossible to watch the adventures of this adorable cat and not have a massive smile. This slice of life anime is light enough for kids while still be funny for the adults in the room.

  Plus, there’s also Chi’s Sweet Adventure for fans that want even more fantastic feline adventures.


  Several heroes running into battle

  With the current popularity of superhero stories thanks to MCU movies, it’s incredibly easy to get younger viewers into My Hero Academia. It has a story with universal appeal and its themes of helping those in need sends a perfect message to any kids in the audience.

  Just a fair warning that some of the battles can get pretty intense so?make sure that whatever kids are watching can handle a bit of blood and animated violence.


  Whether it’s the original from the ’70s or the remake released in 2005, Doraemon is an anime classic. It has spawned?over forty movies showing it has the kind of staying power to keep audiences hooked on the adventures of this little cat-like robot.

  Whatever gadgets from the future he pulls from his four-dimensional pocket are sure to start marvelous zany antics and adventures.


  Two cute hamsters

  Watching these little hamsters on big adventures can keep kids and children at heart entertained for hours. The series has over 290 episodes as well, some of which aired on Toonami in the states, making it a great show to get into for the long haul.

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  Unfortunately, this series never had its English dub fully completed so fans may eventually have to switch to reading subtitles. At this point, it may be worth looking into a similar hamster anime called Pui Pui Molcar which is considered one of the best children’s animes of all time by critics but never saw an English release.

  Several cute anime girls

  Pretty Cure isn’t just one of the longest-running magical girl series of all time – it also has some of the most breathtaking visuals viewers will ever see in an anime fit for younger audiences. With countless spin-offs, sequels, and movies, it’s incredibly easy to jump into the series. Several Pretty Cure shows and movies are currently available on Netflix as well making it easy for most viewers to check them out.


  Several anthropomorphic animals in a plane fight

  Imagine Hayao Miyazaki working with the same animation studio that brought to life shows like Animaniacs and Tiny Toon Adventures. This is exactly what happened with Sherlock Hound. These light-hearted tales are loosely based on the famous stories by?Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with all of the characters as anthropomorphic animals.

  One of the best things about this classic anime?is that the English dub is free to watch on YouTube thanks to its original producer TMS. This makes this classic incredibly accessible for anyone that wants to watch it.

  A woman with two giant living stuffed bears

  Rilakkuma and Kaoru was originally an ONA?— an anime directly released to the internet. These days, it has a home on Netflix?making it easy for potential fans to check out.?It’s also short and sweet, with each episode running for only eleven minutes apiece.

  The show follows Kaoru’s life living with her roommate, a giant stuffed bear named Rilakkuma. What makes the show unique isn’t just its unusual visuals and unique sound design. It’s also willing to tackle more adult themes, like mental hygiene or money problems, in a way younger audiences can still identify with.?It can be a little weird at times but is absolutely worth giving a watch.

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