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[Let’s Go Hunting Hitman 3]I am I Future Music Festival 6.19 direct hit,Let’s go!
Release date:2021-07-03 22:57

  this summer,I heard the future.June 19th,It is the first day that is in contact with the future music festival of I am I.Nearly eight thousand people came to Chengdu Northern Expo Park,Going to this star gathering audiovisual feast.

  it’s here,Not only can I listen to the favorite star singing,You can also visit the future life market, food market,Go to the RV Camp to open a new experience.From 6 o’clock in the afternoon, ten o’clock,The singer He Mei Yan, Yan,, Free C, Ugly Z, Gali, Zhang Yuying sang in turn,Wake the city with the sound,Leave precious memories for this summer.

  He Mi Yan萱 萱JadeFree CUgly ZGali

  Live future music moments,In this music, crowd, light intertwined frying scene,Whether it is a trend cool guy, fashion beauty,Still good job, music cannon,This moment, music let us connect each other,The hands are lifted and blocked.Walking with the rhythm.

  I am i


  The sky is getting dark,The enthusiasm of the scene is higher,The long-awaited goddess is finally coming,I heard the familiar melody on the spot.Sing with thousands of people,This summer is successful.

  Jane ZhangJane ZhangJane Zhang

  Listen to songs,Go to the future life market,You can pick a bunch of small gifts.From here, there is a point of music festival specialties to return to friends who have not come to the scene.I finally heard the favorite star singing at the scene.The spirit is satisfied,The stomach is also worth satisfied.Visit the food group,Come to wake up awaken snacks,Drink ice and delicious beer,Popular with funny gantry with funny boss,Listen to HD original singing in poetry wine together,Linding people ideals.

  I am i


  This wonderful music feast,Start by Rongchuang Sichuan.As a melting city of a beautiful city consponse,Since the time,Deeply participate in all aspects of the beautiful city together,Multi-dimensional deep cultural travel industry,And enrich the lifestyle of the project; now in Chengdu to create a “three-city three-course”,It also cooperates into Chengdu to achieve the goal of “music capital”,I launched the “Make the Lord” I am I Future Music Festival.Blend into the wind direction of “music industry consumption”,People saw unlimited possibilities of Sichuan future literature life.


  tonight,The music festival continues to be wonderful,Singer Xu Geyang, fruity VC, Ye Wei, Zhang Chu, five people, old wolf, Zheng Zheng will sing again,In the future,We don’t see it!