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Release date:2021-07-08 14:05

  Rockstar games always feature the “quirkiest” sidequests and NPCs. But Red Dead Redemption 2 had some real humdingers including a vampire.

  By Aaron Wolfe

  Published Mar 27, 2021


  A side by side picture of Francis Sinclair and the vampire from Red Dead Redemption 2

  Rockstar is not a developer known for refusing to embrace its weird side. Whether we consider the easter eggs in their franchises like Grand Theft Auto or even the main storylines, they’re clearly not afraid to let their freak flag fly. Fans of weird NPCs don’t need to look far to find something they can enjoy in a game like Red Dead Redemption 2.

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  In addition to the weirdness, Rockstar doesn’t hesitate to embrace its dark side, of course. Some of the characters we discuss in this post might trigger those with traumatic experiences in their past. Potentially significant spoilers are also ahead, so avoid this post if you don’t want to have parts of the storyline spoiled for your playthroughs.


  The night folk in Red Dead Redemption 2 carry a victim

  The Night Folk are bayou killers who paint themselves in Voodoo white and hang their victims from trees (and casual players may have never run across them before). If Arthur’s not careful, he may become their next target after investigating a body in the Bluewater Marsh or Bayou Nwa.

  If you don’t become a casualty by accident, a man sitting by a campfire will tell you that they’ve taken over his property. Arthur has the usual options: rob him, help him, or ignore his plight and keep riding.

  A player stands in front of the Cave Hermit in Red Dead Redemption 2

  Arthur can find The Cave Hermit in a hidden tunnel on the west side of the map which is hidden in a place?that can be hard?to find.?He gives his speeches from what looks like an unreachable location, but you can leap your way up to him with some patience and timing.

  Among other ramblings, The Cave Hermit says he’s never been with a woman, and he believes democracy means the idiots took charge of the world. This strange NPC appears to miss the romance of the old world while wasting away his tunnel, which might be a warning to us all from Rockstar Games about nostalgia.


  The Aberdeen siblings look at the player in Red Dead Redemption 2

  If you have run into the Aberdeen Pig Farm during a playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2, this might bring back traumatic memories. They present themselves as a hospitable married couple, but even or a game with plenty of grisly weirdness, they arguably take the creepy crown.

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  The Aberdeen siblings are incestuous, murderous robbers, and you can discover the full extent of their depravity in this article that tells you everything you need to know. If Arthur runs into them northwest of the bayou, don’t let him drink with them or accept any food unless you want to fall victim to them like the people caught in the trap of the real-life Kansas couple that inspired their creation.

  The vampire in Red Dead Redemption 2

  The world in RDR2 is so huge that many people miss so much on their first playthroughs. One such thing is the potential bloodsucker NPC Arthur can encounter. While exploring Saint-Denis, Arthur may run across clues that suggest a vampire is stalking victims in the city. If you follow the trail closely, you can find the Nosferatu-inspired NPC and prevent him from claiming any more lives.

  Killing the vampire also means you can earn an ornate knife, stringy meat, and bat wings. The man claims that he’s been alive for thousands of years, but Rockstar lets the player decide whether he’s lying or not.


  Sonny in Red Dead Redemption 2 looks lover a captured player

  Sonny doesn’t quite reach the same level of Aberdeen sibling creepiness, but he’s an unfortunate and traumatic encounter regardless. If he offers you food, following him inside his cabin is a trap you won’t forget anytime soon.

  What actually happens with Sonny is left to the imagination, and that’s to Rockstar’s credit. Leaving what happens with this NPC a mystery makes the experience significantly more terrifying than if they gave us the details.

  The feral man charges at Arthur in Red Dead Redemption 2

  Arthur can encounter The Feral Man up to three times during Red Dead Redemption 2 in Roanoke Ridge. If you take the time to read his journal after finding his cave, it becomes clear that this weird NPC led a hard life in the wilderness.

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  The Feral Man has lived with the wolves after a traumatic experience hunting with his father. If you take some time to investigate his connection to the infamous town shopkeeper, the complete tragedy of his life comes into focus.


  The Banjo Mutan from Red Dead Redemption 2 plays his banjo

  While he doesn’t have much to say or impact on the story, The Banjo Mutant continues to grab attention because of his unusual deformity. This NPC is actually based on photos of a real person who had a rare case of goiter, or an iodine deficiency.

  A picture even exists of a man who looks like this member of the Butcher’s Creek inbred community playing the banjo. If you choose to interrupt him or antagonize him for a lack of musical talent, you may find yourself in a fist or gunfight with The Banjo Mutant.

  John Marston talks to The Strange Man in Red Dead Redemption 2

  Fans of the original Red Dead Redemption met The Strange Man in a short series of cryptic missions. The second iteration from Rockstar brings this NPC back in creepy and shocking ways that add more mystery to the world (among other hidden plotlines everyone missed).

  Arthur may find a cabin filled with writing on the wall, poems, and paintings that related to his honor level in the game. A painting in the center of the cabin finishes itself toward the final chapters of the game and reveals itself to be The Strange Man. In more ways than one, it appears that this NPC continues to judge every player’s choices closely.


  Arthur talks to Margaret in Red Dead Redemption 2

  Margaret is a “buggered” NPC who tells Arthur that he’s lost a tiger, zebra, and lion critical to his show’s act. While this person doesn’t express their preference for pronouns, his companion uses he/him during the mission in reference to the character. Based on the dialogue from the game,?Margaret’s clothing is for the act, but why it’s on while traveling is left to interpretation.

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  What’s truly weird about Margaret are his “daddy” issues and the claims that he makes about their act. They seem to have a weird and most likely disappointing show to start with, and it couldn’t get much better after they run into Arthur (especially considering how much they pay for all the trouble).

  Francis Sinclair in Red Dead Redemption 2

  Arthur meets Francis Sinclair during the side mission ” Geology for Beginners.” This NPC starts by asking what he calls a “strange question” about a series of rock carvings. He doesn’t seem entirely legitimate, but he offers to pay handsomely, so why not give this mission the old college try?

  Finding the stones doesn’t happen fast and will require some patience, but when you finish Francis sends an invitation to join him at his home. When you arrive, the confusing scene that follows suggests that he’s the Doc Brown of the Red Dead Redemption universe (or possibly the devil, depending on who you’re asking).

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