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[Black Desert]Black Desert Online And Bugatti Collaboration Sees Your Mount Rock Hypercar Gear
Release date:2021-07-08 14:07

  In a crossover I’m not sure anyone saw coming, Pearl Abyss’ MMORPG Black Desert will be getting a little faster thanks to a crossover event with hypercar maker Bugatti. If you’ve ever wanted to ride a horse decked out like a Bugatti Chiron – or just sport the car logo on a magnificent cape, now you can.

  The two brands are joining forces to give players a chance to earn special Bugatti gear in-game, both in terms of armor for yourself, and gear for your trusty steed. During the collaboration event, players can participate in specialized quests to earn the gear on all platforms.

  PC and console players can take part in the special BUGATTI collaboration quests, available outside of Polly’s Forrest, to earn rare items, including speed enhancements for mounts. On mobile, the quests are available through a lengthy quest-chain, with heavy story emphasis, in which Adventurers will be tasked with unveiling the secrets of the mysterious Blue Ghost. During the collaboration period, BUGATTI fans and Adventurers can also purchase various branded items at the in-game Pearl Shop, including BUGATTI branded outfits, horse gear, and accessories.

  A collaboration has begun, comparable to none! Starting today Adventurers may participate in events that will award your mount with the speed and grace of BUGATTI!Visit the link below to learn full details!Click Here https://t.co/z7eEYMmLha#PlayBlackDesert #BlackDesert pic.twitter.com/uWTZSghtU4

  — Black Desert Console (@PlayBlackDesert) June 8, 2021

  To celebrate the collaboration event, the team at Pearl Abyss put together a trailer showing both Bugatti hypercars and Black Desert’s hyper-horses in action. The hubcaps of the Chiron’s wheels are echoed in the shield worn on the rider’s side, while the blues, reds and blacks of the Chiron are displayed fully across the armor and horse regalia.

  The collaboration event runs from now through the first week of July and is available to all Black Desert players, whether on PC, Mobile or console. In other Black Desert news, the MMO is getting its first co-op dungeon soon, as Atoraxxion will open up to adventurers later this summer.