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[lol new champion]Potentially NEW Leaked Wild Rift Champion, Akshan
Release date:2021-07-08 15:54

  If leaks are correct, Akshan will join the Wild Rift!

  Having Lucian and Senna officially revealed in the Wild Rift’s patch 2.3 dev diary, the release of married couple leaves an itching curiosity as to whom the next released champion will be. The video finished with director Alan Moore sinking into the darkness, hinting the audience of the future. According to leaks, the next event will focus on the Sentinels of Light. The event follows six members. Five of those members are already known: Senna, Lucian, Vayne, Irelia, and Riven. But who is the sixth?

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  This is the speculated new champion, Akshan. The name was found by data miners in Wild Rift and is speculated to release on both Wild Rift and its PC counterpart. This simultaneous release mirrors that of Seraphine’s. The pop star debuted on Wild Rift and League of Legends at the same time, so expecting a similar occurrence for Akshan is not unrealistic. And if he releases on both platforms simultaneously, expect other occasional future champions to follow the same pattern.

  Speculated to be a mid-lane marksman, not much else is known about the Akshan. The evidence points almost undeniably at Akshan’s release, but he is not officially confirmed. Take the information with a grain of salt, even the picture above.

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