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[Disgaea 2]Disgaea 6: The 8 Biggest Fixes The Game Needs | Game Rant
Release date:2021-07-09 04:51

  While Disgaea 6 has enamored audiences it still has a few issues that need ironing out.

  By Tristan Jurkovich

  Published 2 days ago



  Disgaea has existed as a series since the PS2 as of 2003. Even though it has existed for decades, it’s still one of those niche RPGs that never hit a pique in mainstream popularity. It has its loyal fans but there is only so much the fan army can do to spread the good word.?

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  That’s why it seems like NIS went back to the drawing board for this sequel to make it more accessible to newcomers. They made a?valiant effort by adding in auto-battles and how experience is gained. There were still some stepbacks though as well as some things that still need fixing on this?Switch?game.


  The quest menu from Disgaea 6

  The quest system in general is a bit too much in Disgaea 6. The game begins with almost a hundred at the disposal of players which mostly amount to gathering items or defeating enemies. Because there are so many all at once, it would be great if players could have an “accept all quests” button. The same would be good for turning in quests as well. The D-Merit system allows this so why can’t quests get this treatment in the game too?

  A story cutscene featuring characters from Disgaea 6

  The story is presented almost like a light novel. It plays out through dialogue boxes supported by animatic cutouts of characters which is how it’s always been in the Disgaea series. Many light novel games, or games represented in this manner, allow players to remove dialogue boxes.

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  This is so they can look at the portraits or backgrounds the chat backgrounds clogging up the screen.?Allowing this in?Disgaea 6 could help showcase how gorgeous the art is.?It would be awesome if a photo mode while in combat could be included as well to capture the epic animations there.


  The gear Menu from Disgaea 6

  Many Japanese RPGs allow players to auto-equip gear onto their party in the equipment menus. This is usually referred to as optimization in the in-game menus. Disgaea 6 unfortunately does not have that option but it would benefit the game if it did. Optimization AI isn’t always perfect as it can’t predict how certain builds of characters are preferred, but it can be a good guiding light.?

  The Dark Assembly from Disgaea 6

  The Dark Assembly may have changed in appearance over the past Disgaea games, but the mechanics are virtually the same. Players can go to a meeting in the hopes of getting something approved such as gaining extra experience points for a day. The cost for these requests is Mana which can get pretty high.?

  For example, there is a request to bump up the fast-forwarding ability which costs?100,000 Mana. If that was guaranteed that would be one thing but the success rate starts out at only 40%. This can be raised in the meeting but the balance is off so it would help if this could get adjusted. That’s a lot of Mana to waste otherwise. The easy trick is to save before going into the Dark Assembly?but save scumming shouldn’t be required to enjoy a game.


  The Juice Bar from Disgaea 6

  The Juice Bar is a new mechanic in Disgaea 6 in the hub world that allows players to give characters extra experience points. After every battle, a percentage of experience is stored away in the Juice Bar sort of like a bank.

  It’s a nice way to bring new units up to speed with characters the player has used for longer. It would be nice if the Juice Bar’s abilities were further enhanced to allow players to suck experience points out of party members that are no longer needed.?

  The D-Merit Menu from Disgaea 6

  The Disgaea series has always been about over-the-top antics and action. It has boasted higher damage numbers and level counts than most other RPGs out there. Most begin like any other RPG though, grounded with level one characters and stats to equate those levels.

  This game inflated those numbers to make everything seem more epic but in the process made it more confusing. Is 50k damage a good amount in the game?when it could just be 50 damage like?in other RPGs? Tweaking these numbers would be a big ask for a patch but it is still worth mentioning.?


  The Item Research Squad Menu from Disgaea 6

  There is a way to boost stats or to gain certain bonuses in other areas, like the aforementioned Juice Bar, by putting characters into squads. These squads cannot be selected for fieldwork in the Item Research division though.

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  This is a mechanic in Disgaea 6 that allows players to send in units by themselves to level up an item in the Item World. It’s very useful but it would be more useful if players could quickly select a squad to take a mission rather than punching in individual units every time.?

  A story cutscene featuring characters from Disgaea 6

  At launch, players can get extra episodes to both fight and recruit characters from past Disgaea games like Adell from Disgaea 2.

  There is a story bit before and after the fights which can be fun but they are not voiced. The side events are also not voiced in the game. Disgaea has always been good about voicing most things so it would be good to see both of these story events getting full voice work in a future patch.?

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